Multi-Family Residence Construction

Offered by IGM Engineering Group

Similar to single family homes, the IGM Engineering Group often works in conjunction with developers on multi-family residences for both full gut renovations and new constructions. In fact, the IGM group has achieved great success in both designing and constructing multi-family residences. IGM works with both owners and developers to create attractive, comfortable residences that both maximise the client’s investment and withstand the test of time.

Regardless of whether you’re completing a series of new builds or upgrading an existing development, our multi-family construction services cover every aspect of residential development. This includes new construction, renovations, seismic upgrades, and envelope repair. And, we’ve gained a lot of experience covering all areas of multi-family residential development, from being the developer right through to working as a general contractor. Because we fully understand the concept of residential multi-family development, and we have the expertise, IGM Engineering Group confidently offers our clients comprehensive service, regardless what our role in the project may be.

There are many challenges involved in multi-family construction, one being able to see a vision through from beginning to end and ensuring that vision comes to life. We fully commit ourselves to every project we undertake and endeavour always to acknowledge the concerns of every associate involved. It’s through this commitment that we’re able to develop a final product that either meets or exceeds the expectations of everyone concerned.


Affordability and Sustainability

The IGM Engineering Group has quickly gained a reputation as a reputable provider of sustainable construction services, perhaps because we’ve successfully completed a wide range of residential construction projects. Sustainability and Green Living are vitally important aspects of today’s multi-family developments, and our mission is always to uphold these values, not only within our own company, but with every construction project we complete. The dedicated personnel at IGM Engineering Group are always looking for new ways of working sustainably, and seeking ways to introduce innovative, ground-breaking sustainability practices like energy and environmental design.

The residences designed and constructed by the IGM Group feel just like home. We work in collaboration with designers, architects, and other associates to create communities that are personable, accessible, and creative, whilst always ensuring risk-adjustment for private and institutional equity partners.

Our multifamily construction team is committed to meeting every clients’ personal and specialized requirements. They do this by carefully listening and noting each and every defined need; then keeping these needs in their focus for the entire project.