Full Gut Renovation Services

Offered by IGM Engineering Group

A full gut renovation is a lot more complex than it may sound, and certainly nothing like a typical renovation project. It’s certainly not recommended that you start knocking down walls and pulling up floorboards before you know exactly what you’re getting into. In fact, the amount of work and effort involved in a full gut renovation can be completely overwhelming.

A full gut renovation is an extensive project that involves removing and replacing the framework, finishing, plumbing, and electrical systems. In typical full gut renovation projects, the majority of the work involves making revisions to the architecture and internal layout of the home, but with the home’s exterior remaining largely unchanged. However, some more-extensive full gut renovation projects involve completely changing the structure of the home or building, and we even complete full gut renovations where the walls and roofs of the structure need to be rebuilt.


Keeping Your Construction Within Budget

It often occurs that a client chooses to improve their home rather than relocate to a new area, and this may lead to a full interior and exterior renovation. At IGM Engineering Group we coordinate with our clients to find the perfect solution to current issues like space flow, layouts, build-outs and other details that determine whether a home remains the perfect living environment for that client. As with new home constructions, IGM provides coordination on all aspects and phases of construction, including planning and design.

Full gut renovation projects can often become more expensive than other construction projects; however, there are ways to significantly reduce costs. For example, simply employing a more efficient design can reduce costs by as much as 5%. And, large savings can also be made when owners work with a construction contractor who allows homeowners to customise aspects of the design and specify new materials for their home.

Some of today’s more efficient companies working in the home renovation industry use a system known as Value Engineering. This means that the cost of required materials and labour for a full gut renovation project are estimated. Whilst achieving a top-quality end-result is always the main aim of the project, minor revisions can then be made to architectural plans and material choice, which means that a full gut renovation can be performed at considerably less cost than similar projects.