Full New Construction Services

Offered by IGM Engineering Group

There are so many decisions to make when building a custom home or renovating your current home, and many of these decisions are difficult to make. You need to choose a floorplan, then there are building materials to select and the design elements for your new building; every decision you make will have a permanent effect on how your new home looks and feels. Choosing the right builder for your construction project is the first important decision you need to make, because the builder of your custom home will impact on the overall design and construction experience, including the end result of your project.

There are so many builders out there in the marketplace that it can be difficult to know where to start, and there are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect builder for your project. Perhaps your first consideration should be the size of the construction company and how that size may impact on the service, availability, craftsmanship, and overall quality of the construction.


Our Customer Service is Second-to-None!

Mid-sized home builders like the IGM Engineering Group encompass many of the great benefits of both small and large building companies. Our commitment to customer service is one of the greatest benefits of working with the IGM Engineering Group, so if you’re seeking a construction company that offers exceptional quality, attention to detail, and personal customization, then look no further than the IGM Engineering Group.

Many of our repeat customers tell us that their previous experience of working with large home building construction companies meant discussing their project with associates who were not familiar with their contract. This does not occur with the IGM Engineering Group: customers speak directly with their project manager. And, when compared with small construction companies, the IGM Engineering Group always provides clients with the opportunity to discuss, shop, and compare materials before purchasing. In short, IGM Group combines the craftsmanship and customization of small home builders with the efficiency and speed of larger construction companies. On top of that, IGM offers superior customer service to every client.


IGM Engineering Group: A One-Stop Location for New Home Building 

With its vast experience in design, engineering, and construction, the IGM Group has become a one-stop-shop for home construction, beginning with talking to our clients and helping them design the home of their dreams – then taking that dream right through to completion. Every aspect of your project will be addressed by the IGM Group, and you, as our valued client, will always have a single point of contact – a real person to discuss your project with.

Today, with more than 15 years in the construction industry, the IGM Engineering Group has a complete understanding of what works in residencial building; always ensuring they’re aesthetically pleasing with functional comfort, and top-quality, lasting value for the client.

We also understand the value of good communication and just how essential communication is to the timely and satisfactory completion of a project. Hiring the professionals at IGM Engineering Group means less stress for you and allowing IGM Group to deliver on the incredible logistics that go into the construction of your new dwelling.


Your New Home Will Be a Unique Construction 

Every IGM Engineering Group custom-built construction is a personalised original, designed to reflect the specific needs and individual tastes of its owner. With each home we build, our philosophy at IGM is to maximise our client’s investment and consistently add value, without compromising quality.


Pre-Construction Services Offered by IGM Construction Group 

  • Budgeting;
  • Material and Equipment Evaluation;
  • Constructability Analysis;
  • Logistics Planning;
  • Scheduling;
  • Permitting;
  • Subcontractor Bidding;
  • Supervision of Construction and Quality Control; and
  • Reporting


Specialty Construction Services Offered by IGM Construction Group 

  • Excavation and Demolition Services; and
  • Environmental Technologies.